life is like a wheel


sometimes we get what we want, and sometimes we lose it. people come and go. yeah, thats the fact. the one who make we smile, the one who make we laugh, the one who make we cry. they all will be apart of our life. family and friends. you will not appreciate them when they are by your side, but you will realize how much you need them, how much you love them when they all gone. HE will take one by one, the person you love from you. but you have to remember that HE will send someone that will be able to make you smile again. someone that better than the last time.

he want me back, shouldn't i be happy? after my silence, after everything, he want me back. but there's something wrong. i want him but i don't. weird? yeah, i felt the same. i gave up but he came back. he left that girl alone. he don't care about her, he still want me. but, his attitude just the same. i promised him that i'll be by his side and give him spirit to answer SPM question. 

should i accept him? should i love him? he text Aina, asked about me. he explained everything to her, why he done that before. i'm touched. but my heart hurts, when read his old messages. i want him to accept me, the way i am. yeah, i will try to make him know about me, the real me. the crazy one, the rough one, the cute one :D i'll try my best as long as he don't hurt me again and again.

pray for me :)

terima kasih baca. suka? like je :)


iezayusof said...

Yeahh, you're the cute one :D

FY (owner) said...

thankiess :)